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    Han Dynasty StickMan (or Yangling Figure)

    Han Period 206BC to 220AD

    This is a tall pottery figure of a man, dates from the Western Han dynasty 206 BC-8 AD. The name Yangling comes from their place of discovery.

    These figures originally had arms of wood and clothed in silk, all of which has long since disintegrated. Many of these figures had some restoration but the extent is hard to see. 

    Theory is that the heads were moulded and attached to the bodies which are carved from one piece of clay.

    They were grave gifts, and replacements for actual human beings.
    So named because of their evocative elongated, naked and armless appearance. The faces feature strong and individualistic features with sweet smiles, The hair has been fashioned as a tightly knotted bun. Special attention has been paid to the detailing of the toes and genitalia.

    The high fired pottery retains almost all of its pigmentation. 

    The HAN Dynasty StickMan stands on a plexistand.

    A rare piece that is an excellent example of the period. Similar pieces can be found in the world's museums for their unsurpassed level of artwork and detail.
    Often displayed in multiples.

    Shown and sold as is.

    Each piece in the Orient Expressed Curated Collection is unique.
    Due to the nature and age of each unique piece they are sold as is, in the current condition

    Dimensions: 23 1/2" High  x 4 1/2" Wide.

    Item Price: $1,200.00