2015 Home Party Business FAQs

    How do I get new customers to attend my parties?

    All reps and hostesses will be listed in our online and Facebook directory. New customers can contact you for your parties which are on your schedule. We also provide templates for texting.

    A big complaint from our customers is inconsistent fit, how is it improving?

    Orient Expressed has established a Size Chart for our brand. Consistent fit is critical to Orient Expressed’s success. Based on height & weight of their child, the customer can use the size grid and order the correct size knowing it will fit when they receive it.

    Will I or my customer be able to pay by check?

    No. But we accept all major credit and debit cards, sorry no checks.

    When will I receive my commission?

    Commission will be paid monthly as direct deposit on the previous month’s Net sales.

    How the monthly commission is direct deposited?

    When committing to become a rep or hostess you provide us with a voided check, sign the form, have a great party and start earning monthly commissions, the following month.

    Why is Orient Expressed changing to 4 seasons?

    The customer today shops differently. She has many options on where to purchase, when, how and at what price. Our obligation to the customer is to have the best product, styled right, with the best quality/value when their children need to wear it.

    Is there a limit to the number of parties?

    No. The # of parties is unlimited, if you own the sample set, you can have parties at your convenience. Otherwise you will have to schedule parties in accordance with the traveling sample set schedule as set up on our E-Calendar on Facebook.

    E-parties are also unlimited, and your customers can shop when it’s convenient for them.

    Can I do a ‘virtual party’?

    Yes. We will provide all photos and detail for items on the site. Our Facebook page can be used as a marketing tool for your party. Evites are ready for your use as well.

    How long will I have to wait for my direct deposit commission?

    The commission will run 1st of each month & be direct deposited no later than the 15th of the following month.

    What if my customer returns product?

    A credit will be issued to the customer and the net amount deducted from your commission. All details will be on your monthly commission recap. The customer must pay for shipping on any returns.

    What is ‘my’ Orient Expressed Discount?

    25% Party discount on ALL Orient Expressed products for both Reps and Hostesses.

    Is ‘my’ Orient Expressed Discount just on children’s clothing as it has always been?

    No. Your Rep & Hostess 25% Party discount can be applied to clothing & home décor items on the website and in our retail stores, both Regular & Sale items.

    Will Orient Expressed offer Free Shipping?

    Yes. Free shipping on all orders placed thru Reps & Hostesses.

    What is the return policy?

    Returns are accepted on Regular price merchandise within 30 days of the purchase with the original receipt to receive refund to the credit card, with all original tickets on the garment. The customer must pay for shipping on any returns.

    Is there a handling fee for returns?

    No. There is no handling fee for returns. However, the customer must pay for the shipping of the return. We do not accept collect returns, they are rejected at the warehouse.

    For Reps increasing their business from the previous year, what is the incentive?

    10% of the total sales increase from the previous year will be paid mid-January.

    Will there still be a catalogue?

    NO. Orient Expressed has ceased printing a catalogue, it no longer environmentally friendly to print catalogues.

    How do I enter my customer’s orders?

    Orders must be input in to the rep portal on the website, both Reps & Hostesses are assigned numbers that will track your sales and commissions. ONLY orders entered thru the website portal will credit will eligible for commission. Customer Service cannot input orders or give credit for commissions.

    Do I only receive commission at my parties?

    No. You are eligible and will receive commission at any time your customers purchase anything from Orient Expressed as long as they reference you on our website. This will all be tracked with your HS# assigned when we receive your commitment.

    When I receive my direct deposit how will I know what my sales are?

    When you receive your monthly commission direct deposit, you will receive an electronic commission sheet detailing all activity on your HS#, ie; sales and returns.

    Shipments to my customers, do they still come from the retail store?

    No. Orient Expressed has a new & improved warehouse. All order fulfilment is serviced new warehouse location.

    What does it cost to be a Rep or Hostess?

    The registration fee for 2015 is $100.00 for a Rep, 2 times per year.

    How many samples are in the sample set?

    It varies from season to season.

    Can I purchase a sample set?

    Your investment is 50% off (or wholesale) and you choose the styles each season for ‘your’ sample set.

    How do I schedule my party to receive the Traveling Sample Set?

    Online thru the Orient Expressed Events calendar. Once you are registered for a season.

    When will I receive the sample set?

    Traveling samples will arrive on Wednesday and it “must” be shipped with the shipping tag the following Monday.

    What if I do not ship the following Monday?

    There is a $500 penalty charged to your credit card.

    Will the samples come on hangers?

    All samples will ship on hangers.

    The sample set, is it only Children’s clothing?

    Yes.. Spring 2015 the Traveling sample set is children’s clothing only.

    Can I still sell Home Décor items at the Home parties?

    Yes. All Reps & Hostesses have the opportunity to sell Home Décor for additional commissions.

    What are the clothing credits?

    There are no clothing credits.

    What is the commission rate?

    Reps receive 15% commission on NET sales. Hostesses 5%.

    Will Orient Expressed offer matches for the family?

    Yes. Our Reps, Hostesses and Customers have ‘spoken’. We have matches in each product group for the family.

    Do I have to contact the OE home office to schedule receive a trunk and schedule my parties?


    1) Your parties are scheduled online thru our events calendar for the traveling sample set.

    2) You have purchased your because the sample sets and t’s up to you… your schedule and convenience.

    Will the traveling sample set be all styles, all sizes?

    No. the sample set is representative of the collection. Every fabric, every key item, mixed sizes

    Is Orient Expressed continuing the Home Show business?

    Yes. 2015 the business model is ‘rebranded’. We are launching the Home PARTY, which is valuable to our business and many of our customers.

    Is there ANY way we could get some pictures of the new line to use in our email invitations to customers?

    We will provide our Rep & Hostesses with Evite and Electronic versions to be used for email invitations.

    Can I commit for this season only?

    Yes. But the registration fee is the same $100, per season. 2 times annually.

    I am concerned about any changes in clothes line? Can I see the product prior to commitment?

    There is NO change to the clothing line aesthetically. There are many improvements. Among them we are delivering inventory upfront each season and will be in stock when we show it. no long back orders. We have improved our fit and will be true and consistent across the Orient Expressed Brand.

    Can I be paid commission if our customers want to purchase Home Décor?

    Orient Expressed’s business is a mix of home décor, Chinese antiques, gifts, and children’s clothing, the 15 % commission is for all sales in all parts of our business.

    Can Orient Expressed send me the trunk free of charge, then I will decide and purchase my own sample set.

    Sorry but we cannot do this. You cannot do it both ways.

    If I purchase a sample set, can I sell from the sample set to my customer?

    You have complete flexibility with your sample trunk. You can sell your samples at your parties and place customer orders in the portal.

    Is there exclusivity to an area?

    No. The party structure is a network. Within a community there are numerous opportunities to network in small and large groups.

    Can I just be a hostess and you all send us the trunks?

    To become a hostess you can partner with a rep near your area. This arrangement would be directly between you and the Rep on arrangements of the sample trunk.

    When I commit, do I have to commit to all 4 seasons?

    Yes. Once you have registered it is for season, but the number of seasons is up to you. You will only receive your Rep/Hostess commission if active for the season.

    Can I choose the sizes for my sample trunk?


    Can I get a “sneak peek” during their current season?

    No, sorry Orient Expressed is reacting to product much closer to the season.

    Reps want to know if they would have free shipping on their personal order as they had received in the past?

    Yes, free shipping for all Home Show Rep & Hostess orders.

    When will we have “Save A Dates” and Evite images?

    Following your registration

    How easy will it be to add a hostess mid-season, is this possible?

    A hostess can be added at any time. Just send in the registration form with credit card and we will confirm the set up.

    Is there a limit to how many hostesses we have?

    No limit!

    Are the reps that have committed to being a sales rep allowed to have “internet parties” or “e-parties”?

    Yes, what a great idea! Just make sure your customers have your Rep or Hostess number so you receive credit.

    Is OE just putting up the Rep contact info and city where they are a rep?

    Orient Expressed is including the city/town and contact email where we have reps. Once someone contacts you it would be best for you to provide them your dates. This will allow flexibility for you and your hostesses.

    Will any and all customers be blanketed under my name? How will this work?

    Any customer that you give your Rep Number to and/or you put the order in the website you will receive commission.

    When will the clothes be online?

    See the seasonal calendar.

    Will it be mostly smocked and your OE brand clothes or will it be the big girl clothes that no one buys at my shows?”

    The product assortment is very focused on the heritage of The Orient Expressed brand.

    For the immediate future we will not be in the ‘big’ girl or ‘tween’ business.

    So I understand that my hostess and I are assigned a number. Example: my hostess has a party, I enter in the customers' orders who buy from her party. Are they now linked to her?

    Always ask the customer to the hostess or rep name in when they order online.

    Can there be joint hostesses?

    Yes. They will be assigned one Hostess number and the commissions will be split equally. We will need voided checks from both.

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